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Oh So The Lion's Seal

  • The Lion's Seal

    The Lion's Seal

    Once upon a time, about eight centuries ago, a vessel from a faraway land was shipwrecked and washed ashore on a tropical island. Survivors caught a glimpse of what they thought was a regal lion and thus christened the island Singa Pura, or 'Lion City'.

About the Logo

“Singapore is an Asian powerhouse – the city of the future. Stories of its history and evolution have inspired me, especially the discovery of the island and the mythical lion it was named after. The lion has historically symbolised courageousness, elegance and leadership – attributes aligned to the visionary SO Sofitel label. The emblem is a result of that combined inspiration – one that will be special to its guests, and special in the country.” — Karl Lagerfeld


Bringing the inspiration behind the emblem to life, SO Sofitel Singapore guests will be surrounded by Karl Lagerfeld’s graphic touch through a variety of objects including hotel collaterals from correspondence cards to check-in folders, Doorknockers and many more surprise touches that guests are encouraged to discover themselves. The carefully curated range of objects will appear in public areas as well as guest rooms, many bearing the signature emblem design.

La BiblioteK

A literary hideaway curated by Karl Lagerfeld SO Sofitel Singapore will feature an inviting library space, La BiblioteK, with a selection of books personally chosen by Karl Lagerfeld, ideally located off the main lobby.

As one of the world’s most famous book collectors, Karl Lagerfeld’s selection for SO Sofitel Singapore will be representative of his own personal tastes and cultural interests. For La BiblioteK, Karl Lagerfeld will curate a number of books brought in regularly that will also be available for purchase exclusively at the hotel before any other book retailer in Singapore.


An exclusive art piece bookend created by Karl Lagerfeld, bearing ‘The Lion’s Seal’ emblem as well as a quote from the creator – “Reading is a sport. Books are my personal brain building”. It is beautifully positioned in La BiblioteK, and is also found in all 134 luxurious rooms. The BooKube is cast from white Corian® weighing 1,200g. It will be available for purchase for guests at SO Sofitel Singapore as well as on the website.


Karl Lagerfeld’s fans and collectors will also be excited to discover other items available for purchase, including a bespoke bathrobe en nid d’abeille featuring the red and white ‘The Lion’s Seal’ embroidery, and an exclusive leather bound sketchbook featuring the original sketch of the emblem. Perfect for collecting memories of Singapore on the go, travellers will be able to add their own drawings and notes to this custom-made notebook.